author = {Jean-Philippe \underline{Prost}},
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Network: the HOLINET Knowledge Graph}},
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  publisher = {European Language Resources Association},
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  year = {2022},
  abstract = {In this paper we address the question of how to integrate grammar and lexical-semantic knowledge within a single and homogeneous knowledge graph. We introduce a graph modelling of grammar knowledge which enables its merging with a lexical-semantic network. Such an integrated representation is expected, for instance, to provide new material for language-related graph embeddings in order to model interactions between Syntax and Semantics. Our base model relies on a phrase structure grammar. The phrase structure is accounted for by both a Proof-Theoretical representation, through a Context-Free Grammar, and a Model-Theoretical one, through a constraint-based grammar. The constraint types colour the grammar layer with syntactic relationships such as Immediate Dominance, Linear Precedence, and more. We detail a creation process which infers the grammar layer from a corpus annotated in constituency and integrates it with a lexical-semantic network through a shared POS tagset. We implement the process, and experiment with the French Treebank and the JeuxDeMots lexical-semantic network. The outcome is the HOLINET knowledge graph.},
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